A competitive and low barrier to entry carbon capture and sequestration solution.

CO2 Capture


Geologic Storage

$-$200$400$600$800$50$45$40$35$30$25$20$15$10$5$-Shell QuestAlberta Carbon Trunk LineGlacierCapital Efficiency ($CAD/TCO2e/year) Operating Cost Run Rate ($CAD/TCO2e)Project Costs ComparisonPre and post combustion projects include: capture, transport, and storagePost-CombustionPre-CombustionTransport and Storage Only(1)(5)(2)(4)(3)(4)

Captial efficiency (CE) and annual operating cost (Opex) are most readily available to compare projects around the globe with limited cash flow data.

CE = $CAPITAL TC O 2 e/year Opex Run Rate = $Opex TC O 2 e

Carbon capture and storage(CCS) captures CO2 emissions prior to atmospheric release and stores the CO2 deep underground.

Compared to existing carbon capture and sequestration projects, Entropy leads in capital efficiency (CE) and operating cost (Opex) run rate.