Modular Carbon Capture and Storage

A Calgary-based cleantech company focused on commercializing energy-transition technologies that can be replicated and exported world-wide

Demonstrating Industry-Leading Technology in Commercial CCS Projects

  • Innovative post-combustion carbon capture design
  • Energy-efficient integration of multiple technologies
  • Decades of geologic and operational experience with carbon sequestration
  • Massive reduction in total installed cost


Profitable, Scalable, Versatile.

Reverse Entropy Carbon Capture (RECC)

RECC™ technology is an accumulation of expertise from decades of experience with amine processes. Through extensive laboratory testing, Entropy research and development has established novel processes and chemistry required for commercial deployment:

  • Equipment cost reduction
  • Minimizing operating costs
  • Maximizing recovery efficiency
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Entropy Heat Capture

Entropy Inc. is a leader in industrial waste heat recovery (WHR), with several projects completed by partners to date. Revenue streams for WHR include:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced process costs
  • Eliminated carbon costs

Economics for WHR projects have been demonstrated to be:

  • Short payout (under 5 years)
  • Low risk
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Reverse Entropy Sequestration (RES)

Decades of experience with acid-gas/carbon dioxide sequestration resulted in the development of RES™ technology. Entropy has a “right of access” (ROA) to an existing sequestration facility at Glacier, Alberta, allowing Entropy to:

  • Complete a full-scale commercial CCS Project
  • This commercial demonstration project will establish RECC™ and RES™ as global leaders, and set the stage for a global roll-out.
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$-$200$400$600$800$50$45$40$35$30$25$20$15$10$5$-Shell QuestAlberta Carbon Trunk LineGlacierCapital Efficiency ($CAD/TCO2e/year) Operating Cost Run Rate ($CAD/TCO2e)Project Costs ComparisonPre and post combustion projects include: capture, transport, and storagePost-CombustionPre-CombustionTransport and Storage Only(1)(5)(2)(4)(3)(4)

Captial efficiency (CE) and annual operating cost (Opex) are most readily available to compare projects around the globe with limited cash flow data.

CE = $CAPITAL TC O 2 e/year Opex Run Rate = $Opex TC O 2 e

Entropy is a cost leader in carbon capture.

Massive Market OpportunityAcross Multiple Industries¹0200400600Oil and GasManufacturingUtilitiesWasteManagementPulp and PaperMiningFood ManufacturingMiscellaneousAgricultureTransportationConstructionNumber of Facilities96%4%43%57%Emitters by SizeTotal Emissions by Large and SmallEmitters

1. Data from Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (2019)


Entropy’s Canadian market is defined as profitable at today’s carbon pricing with scalability as low as 8,000 tonnes CO₂e/year.

Heavy emitters higher than 182,000 tonnes/year are considered out of scope.

Scalable market for industrial emitters.


Deep Aquifer Storage


1. Emissions Data from Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (2019).

2. Saline Aquifer Data from


Much of North America has suitable deep saline geological storage potential for permanent sequestration.

Global Adoption of Carbon Policy.


First Commercial MCCS Project Attributes

$27 Million

Phase 1 - Cost (Q2 2022)

$49 Million

Phase 2 - Cost (Q2 2023)


Phase 1 - Capture (tCO2e/yr)


Phase 2 - Capture (tCO2e/yr)



Entropy has partnered with global leaders:

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