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Glacier Gas Plant CCS in Operation

After a decade of safe, reliable pre-combustion carbon capture, the Glacier plant has implemented Entropy’s revolutionary post-combustion modular carbon capture technology.

Entropy’s technology suite will initially abate 47,000 tpa* and expand to 200,000 tpa* by year-end 2023 through modular construction.

This project is profitable at today’s carbon prices due to Entropy’s solvent performance and process design innovations.

*tpa = tonnes per annum

Proprietary Technology

Entropy’s proprietary technology, Modular Carbon Capture & Storage (MCCS™), expands carbon market possibilities by offering retrofit solutions to existing emitting facilities. MCCS™ process efficiency and carbon capture costs are unrivaled due to Entropy23™, a high-performance patent-pending solvent.

Emitters can retrofit existing facilities with an MCCS™ installation or opt for Integrated Carbon Capture (iCCS™). Entropy’s iCCS™ compressors utilize carbon capture technology incorporated in the design.

To further optimize the Entropy technology suite, waste heat is utilized and recycled (Entropy Heat Capture™).

Entropy leverages decades of subsurface experience with pre-combustion CO₂ storage (Reverse Entropy Storage™) resulting in over 500,000 tonnes of abated CO₂.

Modular Carbon Capture & Storage™ (MCCS™)




Entropy Heat Capture™

CO₂ Reduction

Energy Efficient

Reduced Costs

Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage™ (iCCS™)



Reverse Entropy Storage™ (RES™)

Operational Excellence


Permanent Storage

Novel Solvent: Entropy23™

CO₂ Capture Technology

Reduced Costs

University of Regina

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Full Scope Carbon Negative

Got smoke?

Entropy captures >90% of both industrial emissions and its own carbon-capture facility emissions.

The result?

The addition of Entropy is entirely net negative; Entropy enables >89% overall reduction of original emissions produced, including energy required by the carbon capture process.

Pre-Entropy Emissions (Tonnes)
Post-Entropy Emissions (Tonnes)
Net-Negative Emissions (Credits)

A Growing Industry

Carbon capture will play a pivotal role in global emissions reductions. With one quarter of the world’s emissions under carbon policy, carbon markets are rapidly emerging with material revenue opportunities while reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions.