Entropy’s Flagship CCS Facility - Glacier

Entropy has decades of experience developing and executing pre-combustion CCS facilities. In addition to pre-combustion capture, Glacier began capturing first carbon in Q3 2022.

Glacier Facility Location

LEGEND Wells with disposal capacity AAV facilities GLACIER PROGRESS VALHALLA WEMBLEY GLACIER Q2 2022 • Captures carbon from exhaust • Enables permanent CO₂ storage deep undergound • Operates efficiently with waste heat recovery MONTNEY FORMATION ADVANTAGE LANDS ALBERTA

Pre-combustion Carbon Capture & Storage since Q1 2011

Carbon Credits Generated
Days Operational

Post-combustion Carbon Capture in Operation 2022: First Commercial MCCS™ Project

200,000 tpa CO₂e

Glacier Total Project Emissions Avoided

47,000 tpa CO₂e

Phase 1 Emissions Avoided


Phase 1b & 2 Onstream

$31 Million

Phase 1 Cost (2022)


Entropy has partnered with these global partners: