Revolutionizing CO₂ Capture Technology

First of it's kind Modular Carbon Capture and Storage™ (MCCS™). Applicable to point-source emissions, including: power generation, blue hydrogen, LNG, oil and gas processing, cement and steel production.

Entropy Process Flow

The new path of a CO₂ molecule - from exhaust stream to safely deep underground.


Technology Offerings

Entropy offers energy-efficient integration of multiple technologies to provide full cycle solutions from carbon capture to permanent sequestration.

Modular Carbon Capture™ (MCC™)

Scalable ∙ Versatile ∙ Retrofit
  • Culmination of decades of experience with modular design and industrial facilities optimization
  • Scalable implementation enabling retrofit carbon capture technology for emitters as low as 8,000 tpa
  • Less than 2 years from final investment decision to on-stream

Integrated Carbon Capture & Storage™ (iCCS™)

Built-In ∙ Patent Pending
  • Entropy and an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner have designed a fully integrated CCS prototype
  • By integrating with new equipment, technology is on-track to deliver 25% capital cost savings vs CCS retrofit
  • Prototype unit to be installed and tested at the Glacier Gas Plant by early 2023

Entropy Heat Capture™

Energy Efficient ∙ Reduced Costs
  • Entropy is a leader in industrial waste heat recovery (WHR), with several projects completed by partners to date
  • Revenue streams for WHR include reduced fuel costs, reduced process costs and eliminated carbon costs
  • Economics for Entropy WHR projects have been demonstrated to be short payout and low risk

Reverse Entropy Storage™ (RES)™

Operational Excellence ∙ Subsurface ∙ Permanent Storage
  • Decades of experience with acid-gas / CO₂ sequestration and thorough understanding of geology
  • Generated ~500,000 tonnes of CO₂e offsets and ~90,000 tonnes of Emission Performance Credits associated with operations at Advantage’s Glacier Gas Plant
  • “Right of access” to an existing sequestration facility allowing Entropy to complete first full-scale post-combustion commercial CCS project

High Performance Solvent: Entropy23™

Solvent Technology ∙ Reduced Costs ∙ University Of Regina
  • Capture process enhanced by Entropy23™ solvent
  • Developed patent-pending processes and superior chemistry for commercial deployment, including:
    • Lower heat duty reducing energy input costs and operating costs
    • Greater absorption rate and cyclic capacity reducing the height and diameter of columns required

A New Generation of Carbon Capture Solvents

Entropy owns the leading carbon capture solvent Entropy23™ - 30 years in the making - exclusively developed with the Clean Energy Technology Research Institute (CETRI).

entropy 23 vs MEA

Entropy's Commitment

Entropy’s commitment to continuous improvement allows for CCS equipment to be scaled down, reduced energy requirements, capital expenditures, and operating costs.

Entropy23™ offers the highest absorption and desorption rates combined with a lower heat duty and a higher cyclic capacity.