Modular Carbon Capture and Storage™ (MCCS™) Technology

A first-of-its-kind Modular Carbon Capture and Storage™ (MCCS™) project, applicable to most point-source industrial emissions, including sectors that are difficult to decarbonize like power generation, blue hydrogen, LNG, oil and gas processing, and production of cement and steel.

Modular Carbon Capture & Storage™ (MCCS™)

Scalable ∙ Versatile ∙ Retrofit
  • Culmination of decades of experience with modular design and industrial facilities optimization
  • Scalable implementation enabling retrofit carbon capture technology for emitters as low as 8,000 tpa
  • Less than 2 years from final investment decision to on-stream

Integrated Carbon Capture & Storage™ (iCCS™)

Built-In ∙ Patent Pending
  • Entropy and an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner have designed a fully integrated CCS prototype
  • By integrating with new equipment, technology is on-track to deliver 25% capital cost savings vs CCS retrofit
  • Prototype unit to be installed and tested at the Glacier Gas Plant by early 2023

Entropy Heat Capture™

Energy Efficient ∙ Reduced Costs
  • Entropy is a leader in industrial waste heat recovery (“WHR”), with several projects completed by partners to date
  • Revenue streams for WHR include reduced fuel costs, reduced process costs and eliminated carbon costs
  • Economics for Entropy WHR projects have been demonstrated to be short payout and low risk

Reverse Entropy Storage™ (RES)™

Operational Excellence ∙ Subsurface ∙ Permanent Storage
  • Decades of experience with acid-gas / CO₂ sequestration and thorough understanding of geology
  • Generated ~500,000 tonnes of CO₂e offsets and ~90,000 tonnes of Emission Performance Credits associated with operations at Advantage’s Glacier Gas Plant
  • “Right of access” to an existing sequestration facility allowing Entropy to complete first full-scale post-combustion commercial CCS project

High Performance Solvent: Entropy23™

Solvent Technology ∙ Reduced Costs ∙ University Of Regina
  • Capture process enhanced by Entropy23™ solvent
  • Developed patent-pending processes and superior chemistry for commercial deployment, including:
    • Lower heat duty reducing energy input costs and operating costs
    • Greater absorption rate and cyclic capacity reducing the height and diameter of equipment required
    • Decreased flow rates allowing greater capture of CO₂