Modular Carbon Capture and Storage (MCCS) Technology

A first-of-its-kind Modular Carbon Capture and Storage (MCCS) project, applicable to most point-source industrial emissions, including sectors that are difficult to decarbonize like power generation, blue hydrogen, LNG, oil and gas processing, and production of cement and steel.

Reverse Entropy Carbon Capture ™

RECC™ technology is an accumulation of expertise from decades of experience with amine processes. Through extensive laboratory testing, Entropy research and development has established novel processes and chemistry required for commercial deployment:

  • Equipment cost reduction
  • Minimizing operating costs
  • Maximizing recovery efficiency

Entropy Heat Capture ™

Entropy Inc. is a leader in industrial waste heat recovery (WHR), with several projects completed by partners to date. Revenue streams for WHR include:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced process costs
  • Eliminated carbon costs

Economics for WHR projects have been demonstrated to be:

  • Short payout (under 5 years)
  • Low risk

Reverse Entropy Sequestration ™

Decades of experience with acid-gas/carbon dioxide sequestration resulted in the development of RES™ technology. Entropy has a “right of access” (ROA) to an existing sequestration facility at Glacier, Alberta, allowing Entropy to:

  • Complete a full-scale commercial CCS Project
  • This commercial demonstration project will establish RECC™ and RES™ as global leaders, and set the stage for a global roll-out.

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