Entropy R&D: 30 Years in the Making at CETRI

The most advanced carbon capture solution in the industry.[1]

[1] Demonstrated by Clean Energy Technology Research Institute (CETRI) independent pilot plant testing on solvent heat duty performance.

CETRI: Prior Carbon Capture and Sequestration Partners

CETRI is a globally renowned centre of low-carbon and carbon free clean energy research, based out of the University of Regina. CETRI, a leader in solvent and process development, is among only a few locations in the world capable of testing advanced carbon capture & storage (CCS) systems and technologies.

Entropy’s exclusive and most advanced CCS systems are developed from decades of experience in gas processing, engineering design & construction, and advanced R&D work between our affiliated partners; ABC Engineering and CETRI’s CO₂ research teams.

Entropy’s success is built on an era of global innovation.